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The Littlest Little Biddle Book!

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Little Monsters is a sampling of the flawed little creatures that live inside me, that I’ve come to embrace. Also a few from the outside that kind of freak me out. And finally, the Littlest Monster, dedicated to my grand- child, whom I adore. From Little Biddle Books

Warning: Chances of identifying with more than one of these monsters runs quite high.

LittleBiddleBooks - original, #quirky, and occasionally meaningful #cartoon #artbook paperbacks that center around themes like #art, #birth, #philosophy, #politics, #cats, lousy #nutrition, weird #roadtrips, and the deeply #neurotic. Plus they're little. And this one is the littlest.

3.5"x3.5" - 36 full color, #funny pages of (relatable) #monsters. Fits in your pocket.

Perfect #stockingstuffer!

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