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New Book Release!

The latest cartoon art book release from Little Biddle Books is in stock! Detours is about some of the detours that life throws at those carefully made plans of yours, and about how you handle them. Maybe you usually resist, ignore, or try to push through. But maybe you’d like a little wind in your hair and just go with it. Herein lies a little encouragement.

Detours was originally created this Spring for The Sketchbook Project . The original is now part of Brooklyn Art Library’s permanent collection of sketchbooks which is the largest in

the world. In celebration of this new release, for the month of August, use the code "TADA!" at checkout for 20% off !

Oh and here's a cheesy promo shot, (and why I love YACsters).

#detour #journey #bestlaidplans #embracetheunexpected #adventure #life #advice #obstacles #cartoon #art #penandink #justgowithit #littlebiddlebooks #megbiddleart #book


Here are the first few pages of Detours

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