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Detours is my most recent artbook about some of the detours that life throws at those carefully made plans of yours, and about how you handle them. Maybe you resist, ignore, or try to push through these detours along your journey. Or maybe you like a little wind in your hair and just want to go with it. Happy trails!


Detours was originally created this Spring of 2018 for 

The Sketchbook Project . The original is now part of Brooklyn Art Library’s permanent collection of sketchbooks which is the largest in the world.


  • LittleBiddleBooks - original, quirky, and occasionally meaningful cartoon art paperbacks that center around themes like art, birth, philosophy, politics, cats, lousy nutrition, weird roadtrips, and the deeply neurotic.   Plus they're little. 

    “Cheap Laughs for sketchy times”

  • 4.5x6.5"  -  36 pages  -  heavy card stock. Haven't met anyone yet who doesn't immediately relate to this one. First batch sold out upon release!

    (Back in stock now) 

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