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Biddle is an artist/cartoonist/illustrator with a deep appreciation for things that are absurd, moving, sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious. She also enjoys sketching ordinary everyday stuff. She's the creator of LittleBiddleBooks. LBBooks are original, quirky, and occasionally meaningful cartoon art paperbacks. They are about art, birth, philosophy, politics, cats, lousy nutrition, road trips, and detours. Plus they're little. “Cheap Laughs For Sketchy Times" is her slogan.


Biddle has worked as an illustrator in advertising, editorial, and the healthcare sectors. As a painter she's exhibited in solo and group shows across the country. As a muralist she's messed with more than a few walls, starting long ago with her mother’s living room. Meg penned a weekly comic strip for

7 years. Her single panel cartoons are currently carried in FunnyTimes. She has recently joined the ranks of Medium and Cartoon Movement.

Her art is available for licensing.


Biddle dedicates more than half of her waking hours to mentoring young artists. Biddle co-founded Youth Arts Collective with Marcia Perry. YAC is a nonprofit, after-school, sanctuary, and mentored art studio for high school and college artists. It’s a successful experiment which is still going strong and now in its twenty-first year. 

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